Korean Sexy Girl : Lee Hee Jin

Lee Hee Jin Profile
Name : Lee Hee Jin ( 이희진)
Nickname: "ChamSae"(Sparrow~talkative)
Born : February 21, 1980
Height: 168cm(about 5'5'')
Weight: 44kg(about 96lbs)
Hobbies: Watching movies and videos
Ideal man: A man that's natural
School Career - DongAh Broadcasting College
Blood type: A
Religion: Buddhist
Character: Active and deep-thoughted
Career Goal: Appear in commercials (Gana chocolate, Ilyang Drug, Ggomo Drink...)
Motivation to be in Baby VOX: Persuasion by neighbor
Dream in childhood: To just live simply
Favorite Singer: Gunmo Kim, Jeonghyun Park
Favorite foods: All kinds of food except healthy foods!
Most precious thing: Her voice
Method to get rid of stress: Always eat
Sleep habit: Sleep curled up
Family: Lastborn; parents, older brother

Lee Hee Jin is a former member of Korean Girl Group Baby Vox. Baby V.O.X was a famous Korean Girl Group but has been disbanded in 2006.

Now Lee Hee Jin pursue her acting career and solois singer. Her first Korean Drama is It's Okay Daddy's Girl.